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Underlying Health Conditions

Now, more than ever, we need to change our dietary habits. That is is you want to reinforce your defenses. It is constantly being mentioned that those who do not fare well with the COVID-19 virus are those that have underlying medical conditions. Well, I have news for you, that is a large percentage of…

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Affordable Self-Care Act

Take Control Over Your Own Health……Because no one is going to do it for you. When you can’t trust the system and you aren’t sure what type of care will be available if and when you need it, then it is time to start seriously thinking about preventative self-care. We know that many of the…

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How I Learned to Cook Soul Food

As a “Northerner,” I have always been intrigued about (and drawn to) the food of the South – Creole cooking in particular. I acquired a taste for “pot likker” (the residual broth leftover from making greens) years before I knew what it was called. Perhaps this was because my body needed nutrients from the mineral-rich…

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