Set up your own disease-preventive kitchen with Purple Earth Cuisine.

Purple Earth Cuisine Book

Today, June is a “Longevity C hef ” . She continues to study the world of food production, combined with lifestyle diets, old and new from the 5000 - year - old Ayurvedic system of natural healing which emphasizes diet, the Blue Zones diet of longest - lived cultures , to the current number of trends such as the Paleolithic, ketogenic, gluten - free, carb - free, sugar - free, vegan approaches to lifestyle diet. With this knowledge and the collaboration of top doctors and d ietitians, she forages the food supply for phyto - nutrient dense, man - made chemical - free, GMO - free, preferable organic or “responsibly farmed” ingredients to create diet - specific recipes as part

of a course of action for disease prevention, healing or simpl e healthy lifestyle for her clients, with an emphasis on pleasing her clients’ palates.

In 20 12 , during the course of her studies, June became intrigued by the visual beauty of purple plants, particularly with the re - emergence of Native American purple co rn grown in Minnesota and Louisiana - grown purple rice, both recent domestic crops . Then, she discovered real New York grown , unadulterated black currant nectar and that was it! Further investigation into the work of research pioneer Monica Giusti and oth ers, supported the fact that purple plants contain powerful antioxidants. There was a whole new world of ingredients to spark her interest and imagination, in the kitchen!

Most of the recipes in Purple Earth Cuisine are flexitarian or semi - vegetarian, mu ltifunctional and will fit with most current dietary health trends. There is an extra focus being placed on the quality of the food that you are eating as flavor and medicinal benefits rely on the integrity of the food that are ingested. June is sharing ma ny of these private recipes in the cookbook.

Purple Earth Cuisine has been helpful in reversing insulin resistance (the precursor to diabetes 2), slowing down the progression of osteoporosis and has helped many private clients reduce their risk of heart d isease and other chronic illnesses.

It’s time to incorporate these same recipes into your own health kitchen.

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